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Harmony Connections – Spaced Out Radio – UFO Garage Podcast – KCOR Radio – Revolution Radio – Late Night in the Midlands Radio with Michael Vara and many more announced soon!


Welcome Vendors!

We are happy to announce “sign up” is now available for our tables in both the Atrium Lobby and the Presidential Room.

Please read “need to know” information below.

PLEASE BE AWARE: We have 300 seats in the main ballroon, and WHEN we sell out, we can use another room that can seat 100 people for overflow tickets watching on a big screen. Historically we sell approximately 200-280 tickets. This year, with all the new TV shows, Lorien Fenton’s appearances as a speaker at other UFO conferences, we beleive we will sell out. Even more important, we do not inflate the numbers to sell tables. What we can tell you is that most people who purchase a table come back year after year. If nothing else, they have a good time and make new friends. PLUS, the vendor room is open to anyone who wants to venture in; they do not have to purchase a ticket to the conference. Leaving you free to share with your list you being with us!

TO RESERVE YOUR TABLE SPACE EMAIL: lorien@ufocon2020.com IN THE SUBJECT LINE TYPE “UFO CON 2020 VENDOR TABLE REQUEST”. Mention the table number as well as what you will be selling. We reserve the right to assign you a table AND we MAY NOT accept you because we might have someone already selling your products or type of artisan craft.

UPON APPROVAL: Please visit this SIGNUP PAGE to secure your table by paying for it (using WePay, a Chase Company). As the tables sell, we will try update the Vendor List below as often as we can. BUT, the SIGNUP PAGE will have a much more up-to-the-minute accounting of who has paid. PLEASE add into the equation the HELD tables below for the “real” open tables.

SHARED TABLE SPACE: We allow 2 vendors per table. We charge an extra $25 for sharing (Presidential Room = $200, Atrium = $175). Please be sure to email information for both vendors in your intial email. One vendor will be responsible for payment through the SIGNUP PAGE. Please mirror the form on the SIGNUP PAGE and email Lorien the second vendors information. In the COMMENT LINE add the second Vendors name.

CONFERENCE ACCESS: The price of the Vendor Table INCLUDES ACCESS TO THE SPEAKER PRESENTATIONS FOR ONE VENDOR ONLY. If you ar sharing the table with another Vendor, the badge will have both names listed. You can share the badge to see speakers (you can not both be in the room at the same time). If you are bringing someone to help you at the table, they will not have access to the ballroom. The fee for a “second chair” helper to be able to attend the conference will be announced closer to the event and will depend on if the event is sold out. Though, when sold out, you will have to watch from one of the overflow areas.

TABLES: are 6’ long X 2 1/2’ wide, and have table cloth/draping. 2 chairs will also be provided with each table.

SIGNAGE: The Hotel does not allow signage to be afixxed to their walls. Please bring apporpriate stands for your display.

ELECTRICITY: There are a few outlets through out the room. Please bring your own extension cords/power strip. Please share if you are near an outlet. Be sure cords are long enough – the room is 24 ft. wide by 59 ft. long. All extension cords must be a heavy duty, grounded UL approved type, and you must bring professional “gaffer’s tape” or cord covers to secure any cords in open areas. Any cords or electrical devices determined to be a hazard will be removed by the Hotel.

Presidential Room – 8am to 8pm (room locked at night)
Atrium – 8am to 8pm (open to pulbic 24/7)

Load in Thursday 3-10pm OR by early Friday morning by 8am. You can set up anytime as long as it’s during a speaker and you are not encroaching on another’s Vendor space. Vending Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Load out during last speaker Sunday night. Room is locked each night.


VDR 1:  SOLD – Mary Castro


VDR 3:  SOLD – Miesha Johnston

VDR 4:

VDR 5:  SOLD – Jeanette Boiteux

VDR 6:  SOLD – SolarisModalis.com

VDR 7 & 8:  SOLD – Sean Murphy

VDR 9:

VDR 10:  SOLD – Garret Moore / Moore & Moore Art and OPUS

VDR 11:  SOLD – The Stone Muse

VDR 12:  SOLD – Tinker Art

VDR 13:  SOLD – Sloopy Scott

Load in early Friday morning by 8:30am or Thursday evening after Atrium activites (maybe 8pm). Vending Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Load out during last speaker Sunday night. Your table and products are not secure. You are responsible to remove any items you do not want stolen, and take them to your room with you at night.







ATRIUM 7:  Steve Colbern – Implant Scanning


ATRIUM 9 & 10:  UFO GARAGE PODCAST (All the way from Texas!)

ATRIUM 11:  (on Hold until Hotel approves)

ATRIUM 12:  (on Hold until Hotel approves)