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THURSDAY - Area 51 & the "Tic Tac" Event

Confirmed Speakers for our opening night are:

Kevin Day: The “Tic Tac” Event and all that has happened to him since that incident; including “Contact”.



FRIDAY - "GEORGE NOORY Panel & Game Show"

Join us for an educational and fun evening of George conducting a Speakers Panel and then “Game Show” where the audience will particiapte and win prizes!

Tom Danheiser and Lorien are hatching a new game that is sure to be a “UFO related challenge” as well as big fun!

More info to come soon!

SATURDAY - "Intimate" Speakers Dinner, Raffel, Games & Musical Entertainment

Join us for our Speakers “Intimate” Buffet Dinner!

Only 50 tickets are available. Don’t be left out in the hallway! The last time we had a dinner like this people were talking about it for years… The food is very good (California fresh – not your usual “rubber” chicken dinner) with lots of variety.

We break out the smaller, square tables for this event so you can speak to everyone at your table without having to shout or be limited to only being able to speak to the person to your right or left. Each table will have Speaker seated at each end, and they will rotate positions to be able to have an “imtimate” conversation with everyone at the table during the dinner.

After dinner, we have a special presentation by the speakers, a “team” game with prizes, followed by a raffel of very special items. Finally we’ll sing the night away with Robert Perala and “Wings Over the Desert” – A Beatles and 70’s cover band! You’ll know all the words!

Tickets on sale Dec. 15th – so check back then!